Creative Ways to Boost Your Wellness Quotient

creative ways to boost your wellness quotient

Are you looking for creative way to boost your wellness quotient? One strategy to implement is to try something new. Growth – personal growth and professional growth – is all about change – stretching yourself beyond your limits, trying new things, embracing new ways of doing things and adapting to new circumstances.

Make it a point to look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and to make growth and new experiences a healthy habit.

Consider these ideas for stepping out of your comfort zone this week:

  • Challenge yourself to use positive language for one whole week. If someone asks you how you are-be ready with a positive word like Fantastic! And be ready to give three reasons why.
  • Give of yourself by doing something nice for someone – a small gesture, a funny sticky note, or an anonymous gift are all simple ways to give to those around you.
  • Take a new route to work, shop in a new food store or work out at a different gym.
  • Take a picture of the highlight of your day everyday for a week and share with a friend or loved one.
  • Learn to make something that you would normally buy.
  • Acknowledge challenges as they occur and immediately outline something good that came of it or the value of what you learned from the situation at hand.
  • Enjoy what is happening right now. Today. This moment. Wear a reminder string bracelet if you have to!
  • Take seven minutes on your commute home to reflect on what went well in your day.
  • Leave work one hour early one day to spend time with someone special.
  • Go news free for one whole day. The diet of negative information will be there when you return.
  • Spend time in nature, be quiet –listen to the sounds around you-no cell phones!

Make your own list of ideas for stepping out of your comfort zone. Reflect back on these things at the end of the week and consider their implications going forward. You may end up lighting a fuse that ignites a growth spurt.

Horizon Wellness Group will be at the New York State SHRM Conference as a vendor providing wellness information and massages on 9/15/13 and 9/16/13 at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo. Let us know if you will be attending as well!


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