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Where do Companies Hold Wellness Fairs?

where do companies conduct wellness fairs?Once you have decided that you would like to have a wellness fair, the next step is to make sure you have an adequate amount of space. Wellness fairs can be held almost anywhere but the more room you have the better the flow and the more likely people are going to stop by and check out what’s going on!  Plus, the bigger the space, the more vendors we can invite. Generally the wellness fairs are often held in conference rooms or lunch rooms. The problem with certain conference rooms are most of the time the long tables are not moveable making it a crowded room with a lack of steady flow.  Lunch rooms are great because of the space and the ability to move the tables around, plus everyone needs to eat so they will be sure to stop by the wellness fair to see whats going on as they pass through with their lunch.  Some conference rooms are double roomed with a divider in the middle making the space an open field to work with.  In states with warmer climates we have had clients hold their health fairs outside with tents, this is a great way to take some time out and get fresh air while checking out the wellness fair has to offer.

Depending on the space they [employers] can have the wellness fair anywhere they want. But there are some important factors that may need considering, for example; there must be ample space for the chair massage and the therapist to move around. The chiropractor needs space to conduct their back and neck screenings, and the podiatrist needs a chair for the foot and ankle screenings.  If this is also a flu clinic then they have to have a private room for the nurse and to conduct the flu shots.  Some wellness fairs have a nutritionist showcase a cooking demo –which requires a kitchen or area they can put a hot plate that requires an outlet, along with space to put the yummy food samples for everyone to try.

Many times once a health fair is booked our director Margaret or one of us will go to the clients location and check out their space this will help us determine what vendors will be best for the space given, how many vendors we think the space can hold and the types of vendors we think would work well with the company. Our team is very good with working with the spaces we are given; we can easily arrange a space and make everyone as comfortable as we can without anyone being frazzled. Once the wellness fair is over we put the room right back like we found it and you never knew we were even there! As you can see having a wellness fair just isn’t putting a bunch of people in a room for a few hours. There is a lot of thought and consideration that is important to us at Horizon Wellness Group and to the client to make your wellness fair the best it can be regardless the space size.  If you have any additional questions regarding hosting a wellness fair, or about space issues please contact us today.

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