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Essential Wellness Tips for the Wellness Professional

wellness tips for wellness professionalsWorking at Horizon Wellness Group for almost 3 years has taught me a few things about the wellness professionals that attend our events. Some are more memorable than others, as they can easily walk into a room and brighten the entire space or just complete their assignment and leave. Either way, they are what help us keep corporate wellness alive.  Whichever approach the wellness professionals choose, they attend corporate health fairs to provide awareness to the employees about leading a healthier life.

Wellness Services Provided:

From my past experiences attending health fairs, improving your outreach to connect better with the employees varies on your personality and what service(s) you are providing.  For example, if you are a Chiropractor you should make sure the doctor attends as well as the assistant to provide free back and neck screenings. This way, if someone has an issue they can make an appointment with the assistant on the spot.  Bringing the replica skeleton can show the employee where the problem lies. Some doctors are even bringing in their ipads to have more accurate results with the screenings. This type of hands on service creates more of a buzz around your table, which will make the attendees more inclined to tell other people about their experience.

Be On Time:

Showing up on time is very important. When the health fair starts everyone should be there, set up, food away, phones away, and smiling! Shuffling in late will only increase the chances that you are going to miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients. The employees don’t have all day to wait for you because they are busy and the health fairs are usually only 2 hours long. When you are late you feel rushed and aren’t giving off positive energy.  Sometimes things happen; traffic, lost, personal etc. but it isn’t professional to make a habit of being late.

Don’t Forget Your Equipment:

Although we do provide a table with a cover, you should feel free to bring any equipment with you. Your equipment might include an ipad/laptop, your appointment book to set up meetings or appointments, email sign-up list, and anything else you can think of by “jazzing up” your space! A branded sign of your business, some samples of your products, and informational brochures will help attract employees to your area to see what you’re all about!

Not only are you there to promote yourself, but you are there to educate people on health and wellness.  You want to look your best and act your best. Show them you know your stuff and why you are the best candidate to help them help themselves!

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