What is the Lifestyle Two Week Cleanse?

I met with Kylie Deppen, a certified nutritionist who does many of our corporate lunch and learns regarding some questions I had about losing weight and getting healthy. After filling out a 3 page health history questioner, Kylie was ready to help me on my way to losing some weight, feeling great, and having more energy! I was ready and excited! This cleanse isn’t what you are thinking. I won’t […]

Think “Juicing” is Hard? Think Again!

The fad today is to drink your food. I mean can you actually drink some fruit and vegetables and be full? Maybe. Is it fun to sit there and throw everything from your kitchen (excluding the kitchen sink) in a blender and have a mess to clean after only getting about 1 cup of juice out of the $80 of food you just bought? No. The solution to your “juicing” […]