Nutrition Lunch and Learn Series # 1

I’m sitting in the audience in the center of the room, listening to the pre-wellness talk chatter. Employee’s are talking about kale and seaweed- “I buy the wasabi flavor at Trader Joe’s, it’s only 80 calories”. So many people today know about these (formally exotic) super foods. I ask the three employee’s sharing my table why they signed up for “Healthy Snack Make Over” Lunch and Learn? One wants to […]

Creative Ways to Boost Your Wellness Quotient

Are you looking for creative way to boost your wellness quotient? One strategy to implement is to try something new. Growth – personal growth and professional growth – is all about change – stretching yourself beyond your limits, trying new things, embracing new ways of doing things and adapting to new circumstances. Make it a point to look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and to make […]

Wellness Program Recipe for Success

The most effective wellness programs have the following three ingredients: #1. Meaningful content #2. A wellness advocate #3. Actionable take-aways Meaningful content– What are we talking about here? The program should meet the employees at their current level of health and in a format that agrees with the company’s culture. The content should address nutrition, fitness and stress reduction. It should be interesting and engaging and allow employees to take […]

Yearlong Wellness Initiative

We are getting ready to roll out the year long wellness initiative for one of our favorite clients. It is a trend in healthy living programs that many of our clients are adopting as a means to keeping their employees engaged in taking responsibility for their health. We will begin with three installments (each) in nutrition education with the topics Healthy Snack Makeover, Shop Smart-Food Labels Demystified, and Healthy Eating […]