Wellness Mission and Philosophy

Wellness Mission and PhilosophyOur mission is to assist our corporate clients in developing intelligent, sensible, and cost effective approaches to build a community of healthy employees through Wellness Fairs, Medical Screenings, and Workshops. Our mission is to provide ongoing employee wellness education.

We focus on fitness, nutrition and stress reduction. Our philosophy is that good health comes down to:

  • How you move
  • What you eat
  • How you feel


These are the three realistic components to promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating a company of healthy employees. We can offer your employees their own specialized wellness team that can deliver an impact-full wellness program. The goal of the program is to present meaningful, fun, interactive wellness lessons that give employees the tools they need to be healthier and to take ownership of their health. In our experience, the only way to impact change in behaviors is to make health education personal, to bring in the human touch.

There is no HRA or on-line program in the world that can have the same impact as a personal wellness team investing in the health of your employees.

Your employees can experience the following:

Stress Less Classes

  • Life Balance
  • Adjusting And Directing Your Own Point Of View
  • Level Setting Regarding Your Own Version Of Happiness
  • Meditation Ten Minutes Per Day
  • Guided Wellness Visualization
  • Creating Anchors For Keeping on Track Emotionally

Fitness Classes

  • Yoga
  • How to add fitness to your lifestyle with ease
  • Stretching with resistance bands
  • Core Building Workshop
  • Body Awareness, Posture and Alignment
  • Learn 3 Ten Minute Workouts

Nutrition Classes

  • Health Eating
  • Understanding your body and making self-care a priority
  • Choosing and Preparing Natural Foods
  • Healthy Cooking Demo
  • Seasonal Eating
  • Super Foods 101