Why You Should Eat Seasonally

Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season can be very beneficial to your health. Not only do you get the most out of their nutritional value, but they taste better and you will save money at the food store. Buying locally grown fruits and vegetables are also suggested as they are the most fresh. When fruits and vegetables go through transportation they lose the nutritional value, if that happens […]

What is the Lifestyle Two Week Cleanse?

I met with Kylie Deppen, a certified nutritionist who does many of our corporate lunch and learns regarding some questions I had about losing weight and getting healthy. After filling out a 3 page health history questioner, Kylie was ready to help me on my way to losing some weight, feeling great, and having more energy! I was ready and excited! This cleanse isn’t what you are thinking. I won’t […]

Think “Juicing” is Hard? Think Again!

The fad today is to drink your food. I mean can you actually drink some fruit and vegetables and be full? Maybe. Is it fun to sit there and throw everything from your kitchen (excluding the kitchen sink) in a blender and have a mess to clean after only getting about 1 cup of juice out of the $80 of food you just bought? No. The solution to your “juicing” […]