Nutrition Lunch and Learn: Top Healing Foods

nutrition lunch and learn series top healthy foodsThe two previous Lunch & Learns that were held at the same offices of our client; corporate headquarters of a national retailer were a raving success. The third and final Lunch & Learn in this series was called:  “Top Healing Foods” these are foods that help aid in prevention of three major diseases; Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer.

This class was led by Kylie Deppen , a holistic health coach and owner of Joyful Health and Wellness. Just like the two previous Lunch & Learns that were held at the same location, it was a packed room ready with eager “students”. Kylie had also brought in various Trader Joes products to use as examples and to give away as samples!

When thinking about Healthy Heart Awareness I wouldn’t first think about chocolate and red wine! But dark chocolate (as long as the cacao level is above 70%) and ONE glass of red wine per day actually help prevent blood clotting and your risk against Heart Disease!  Other foods mentioned were: fresh garlic, omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines) lentils, almonds, and pure pomegranates.

Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight and eating the right foods. Some foods that are higher risk are sugar, refined sugars; white foods such as bread, pasta, cookies, and crackers.  It’s essential to eat a balanced diet which includes fiber, protein and healthy fats. To aid in reducing blood sugar, cinnamon is a super spice for the job! Add as much of this delicious spice to any meal or snack.

Cancer is the dreaded disease that can really affect any part of your body. Plant based diets flush out free radicals and balances your body. Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Cauliflower help protect cancer cells from forming. Berries eliminate inflammation and garlic enhances DNA. It’s best to stay in season when picking out what produce to eat. They are more nutrient dense. Fresh is best!

At the end of the Lunch & Learn a lot of employees went and asked Kylie personal questions and asked for suggestions on certain foods. Many asked about food intolerants and how to help identify what foods that could be causing these allergies. Perhaps this could lead into an additional talk in the future. I, myself learned some things that I didn’t know about and found the Lunch & Learn to be very informative and well received by all who attended.

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