Behind the Scenes of a Wellness Fair

behind the scenes of a wellness fairOur web presence guy said that to improve our visibility on the internet that we need to blog about what we do. He said that we are all experts at what we do and to share that expertise. So here it goes…

As a group we bring health and wellness to our clients and their employees. We are a small company, our Executive Director, Margaret is the first person our clients meet. She meets with each client to assess their wellness needs and to determine how we can help them meet their goals.

The next people the clients see are our coordinators- Ellen, Linda-Ellen, Meredith and Dayna. These ladies are all spectacular in their own way and do fantastic jobs managing the many personalities and spaces of our clients and vendors.

Finally, there is Dana and me, Tara. When Margaret comes back to the office and tells us she booked an event for our clients, we make the magic happen. Margaret lets us know what the clients want and it is our responsibility to get the best possible vendors for each event.

First we get vendors for the events. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially if the event is in a new area for us. So we turn to the internet to help us find doctors and holistic health practitioners. We read their websites, reviews on the web, and finally get in touch with them where it is up to us to judge if they have the right vibe for the event we are looking to fill.

Once we have the vendors booked, we start with the client communications. We make a flier to promote the event to the employees, a security list so the vendors can get in to the event, table signs so the employees know who they are speaking with at the event and finally a raffle winner sheet with contact information of all attending vendors so the employees know how to contact anyone at the event they did not have a chance to connect with. (Also to help the winners brag about the great prize they won courtesy of our attending vendors!)

Finally, closer to the event, we often contact the clients to let them know what exactly to expect the day of their event. Even those clients who have had many events get nervous before their events and it is our responsibility to make sure the vendors know what they are there to do, that the clients knows what to expect from each vendor and that our coordinators just know everything!!!

Sometimes Dana and I will get to coordinate an event we filled and we get to see the culmination of the work we did to make it spectacular. Other times we have to wait for a report from one of the other coordinators. Sometimes we misread a vendor and don’t make a good match with the client so we make notes and start again for the next event. More often though, we get a positive report and get to know that we were able to help our clients employees in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

According to the Thesaurus in Microsoft® Office Word 2007, an expert (noun) is a specialists, an authority, professional or connoisseur; and (adjective) is skilled, practiced, proficient, professional and knowledgeable. Am I an expert in creating wellness? I don’t think so, but after writing this, I guess I am an expert at bringing experts together.

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