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What is the Lifestyle Two Week Cleanse?

lifestyle two week cleanseI met with Kylie Deppen, a certified nutritionist who does many of our corporate lunch and learns regarding some questions I had about losing weight and getting healthy. After filling out a 3 page health history questioner, Kylie was ready to help me on my way to losing some weight, feeling great, and having more energy! I was ready and excited! This cleanse isn’t what you are thinking. I won’t be juicing a million different fruits and vegetables and drinking liquids 3x a week while crying and starving, nor will this be some cabbage soup diet or any other crazy fad that’s out there these days.

The point and explanation of the Lifestyle Cleanse (without giving away too much information) is pretty much all clean eating with some extras on the side. Kylie emailed me the plan and a guideline, along with things to buy, what foods are good, what are bad, yummy recipes and how to cook natural grains and such.  This cleanse is all about opening the toxins in my liver and body and getting rid of all the bad and allowing all good to come through! Eventually I will lose weight but now we are focusing on losing the bloat from foods, drinking a lot more water, eating all greens and healthy, natural man made foods- but no breads or dairy, caffeine, etc.

I am on week two, I wouldn’t say week one was 110% perfect but I would say it was pretty close! You can really tell the difference with how you feel when you cut out breads and cheese from your diet. Although, I miss cheese so dearly, I do not drink soda, or coffee, so drink wise I am good with water. I do like wine, so saying goodbye to my beloved vino will have to do as well. I purchased a veggatini; which turns zucchini into pasta form and it is delicious (and so easy!)  I’ve also seen many restaurants serve zucchini pasta as well and have ordered it while dining out. Creating all new healthy high nutrient foods are fun and it really tastes good. Eventually I can transition cheese and bread back into my diet, but for now I am content and it seems to be working so I am going to stick with it! Stay Tuned for more updates with the lifestyle cleanse!

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