Corporate Wellness CompanyCorporate Wellness Company Overview

Horizon Wellness Group provides corporate wellness fairs, health education, workshops, lunch and learns, health screenings, and flu programs. We work directly with corporations to create custom wellness solutions.

Horizon Wellness Group is an industry leader able to provide local and national wellness events, specializing in innovative solutions designed to keep your employees healthy. We reach out into your community to bring you the best in professional health resources, available on site to provide preventative screenings, education, and inspiration. We have established ourselves as a star in corporate wellness solutions for the past seven years providing local and national wellness programs and delivering more than 160 wellness events each year.

We are proud to be servicing the Corporate Wellness needs of over 160 Fortune 1000 companies. Horizon Wellness Group has hundreds of wellness team members spanning from New York to California, a network of health professionals with a passion for educating, inspiring and improving the health of your employees.

Horizon Healthcare Staffing, the parent company of Horizon Wellness Group has been providing healthcare services for over 18 years. Horizon currently employs over 225 Registered Nurses, 55 Licensed Practical Nurses, and over 195 Rehabilitation Therapists.

Horizon Wellness Group is a division of Horizon Healthcare Staffing, a licensed home healthcare company and a leading provider of clinical staffing services.