Nutrition Lunch and Learn: Top Healing Foods

The two previous Lunch & Learns that were held at the same offices of our client; corporate headquarters of a national retailer were a raving success. The third and final Lunch & Learn in this series was called:  “Top Healing Foods” these are foods that help aid in prevention of three major diseases; Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cancer. This class was led by Kylie Deppen , a holistic […]

Nutrition Lunch and Learn: Healthy Holiday Eating

The holiday season and healthy eating might seem like an unlikely pairing, but a recent “Lunch & Learn” nutrition session (at the offices of our client, corporate headquarters of a national retailer) showed employees how they could celebrate the season while still making nourishing food choices. This was the second event of three in the nutrition series, and there was once again a wait list. Over 40 employees attended the […]

Nutrition Lunch and Learn Series # 1

I’m sitting in the audience in the center of the room, listening to the pre-wellness talk chatter. Employee’s are talking about kale and seaweed- “I buy the wasabi flavor at Trader Joe’s, it’s only 80 calories”. So many people today know about these (formally exotic) super foods. I ask the three employee’s sharing my table why they signed up for “Healthy Snack Make Over” Lunch and Learn? One wants to […]

Cheers for cHAIRity Event in New York

Horizon Wellness Group has decided to give a Platinum Sponsorship for this event. We hope that you will either attend the event or contribute to the cause. Take a look below for more information on the event. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), is a 501(c) organization (Federal Tax ID is 94-2780249). Headquartered in San Rafael, CA, NAAF supports research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia areata, […]

Creative Ways to Boost Your Wellness Quotient

Are you looking for creative way to boost your wellness quotient? One strategy to implement is to try something new. Growth – personal growth and professional growth – is all about change – stretching yourself beyond your limits, trying new things, embracing new ways of doing things and adapting to new circumstances. Make it a point to look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and to make […]

Wellness Program Recipe for Success

The most effective wellness programs have the following three ingredients: #1. Meaningful content #2. A wellness advocate #3. Actionable take-aways Meaningful content– What are we talking about here? The program should meet the employees at their current level of health and in a format that agrees with the company’s culture. The content should address nutrition, fitness and stress reduction. It should be interesting and engaging and allow employees to take […]

5 Healthy Lunch Break Energy Boosters Infographic

Advantages of an Employee Wellness Day in the Workplace

When it comes to employee wellness not many employers are knowledgeable about the true benefits of a health fair, and how it works.  Their employee’s health is more valuable to them than they realize. A healthy employee is happier and more productive in the workplace. To make them healthy you [the employer] need the tools to show them how to go about seeing the proper wellness professionals that will lead […]

Yearlong Wellness Initiative

We are getting ready to roll out the year long wellness initiative for one of our favorite clients. It is a trend in healthy living programs that many of our clients are adopting as a means to keeping their employees engaged in taking responsibility for their health. We will begin with three installments (each) in nutrition education with the topics Healthy Snack Makeover, Shop Smart-Food Labels Demystified, and Healthy Eating […]

Horizon Wellness Group Launches Redesign of Website

Horizon Wellness Group has launched a redesign of our current website. The new website should make it easier for companies looking for wellness fairs to find us. Our contact forms make it easier to get in touch with us. We will be blogging about corporate wellness, employee health, and wellness in general. We aimed for our website to be user friendly and easy to navigate. We have outlined what our company […]