Where do Companies Hold Wellness Fairs?

Once you have decided that you would like to have a wellness fair, the next step is to make sure you have an adequate amount of space. Wellness fairs can be held almost anywhere but the more room you have the better the flow and the more likely people are going to stop by and check out what’s going on!  Plus, the bigger the space, the more vendors we can […]

How Wellness Professionals Use Technology for Health Fairs

Technology has taken over the universe with its quick and easy ways to improve everyone’s lives.  There are so many gadgets that create short cuts, instant and more accurate results and many of these you are able to use on the go. I have started to see more and more wellness vendors come in with their tablets in tow at health fairs.  A key question now being asked a lot […]

What Type of Wellness Program is Best for My Company?

Here at Horizon Wellness Group, we don’t only focus on Health & Wellness Fairs, but have many more options to choose from. We like to customize your space, budget, and vendors to best fit the needs of your company. We always welcome any ideas or suggestions that your company may have for any type of health fair. We will work with you to create the perfect event from your ideas. […]

Essential Wellness Tips for the Wellness Professional

Working at Horizon Wellness Group for almost 3 years has taught me a few things about the wellness professionals that attend our events. Some are more memorable than others, as they can easily walk into a room and brighten the entire space or just complete their assignment and leave. Either way, they are what help us keep corporate wellness alive.  Whichever approach the wellness professionals choose, they attend corporate health […]

Creative Ways to Boost Your Wellness Quotient

Are you looking for creative way to boost your wellness quotient? One strategy to implement is to try something new. Growth – personal growth and professional growth – is all about change – stretching yourself beyond your limits, trying new things, embracing new ways of doing things and adapting to new circumstances. Make it a point to look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and to make […]

Wellness Program Recipe for Success

The most effective wellness programs have the following three ingredients: #1. Meaningful content #2. A wellness advocate #3. Actionable take-aways Meaningful content– What are we talking about here? The program should meet the employees at their current level of health and in a format that agrees with the company’s culture. The content should address nutrition, fitness and stress reduction. It should be interesting and engaging and allow employees to take […]

Advantages of an Employee Wellness Day in the Workplace

When it comes to employee wellness not many employers are knowledgeable about the true benefits of a health fair, and how it works.  Their employee’s health is more valuable to them than they realize. A healthy employee is happier and more productive in the workplace. To make them healthy you [the employer] need the tools to show them how to go about seeing the proper wellness professionals that will lead […]

Horizon Wellness Group Launches Redesign of Website

Horizon Wellness Group has launched a redesign of our current website. The new website should make it easier for companies looking for wellness fairs to find us. Our contact forms make it easier to get in touch with us. We will be blogging about corporate wellness, employee health, and wellness in general. We aimed for our website to be user friendly and easy to navigate. We have outlined what our company […]