Wellness Fairs

Designing a Wellness FairHorizon Wellness Group educates employees on healthy lifestyle choices.

Bring health education, screenings, local doctors and knowledgeable health experts to your employees. Offer an in-house opportunity for your employees to create their own, individualized wellness team. Create an environment that supports being healthy and embraces preventative health.

Wellness Fairs- 2 hours, usually from 12:00pm-2:00pm

Includes 7-12 health related vendors, the core of which are medical doctors that adhere to your employee’s insurance plans. Also, lifestyle vendors that offer quality of life options. (See list below)

Health related raffle prizes, give-aways, signs, table covers, branded promotional materials, and educational materials are provided. An event coordinator will be on-site to greet the wellness professionals, show them where to set up, and to make sure everything is organized and runs smoothly.


Wellness Fair Possible Participants:


Dental Screening- Education on oral health

Foot & Ankle Screening- Eliminate foot pain

Physical Pain Evaluation– Musculoskeletal Health – Prevention of sports injury

Back & Neck Screening- Postural and spinal health

Dermatology- Get your questions answered

Allergist- Stop suffering!

Acupuncture- Amazing and natural

Organic Skin Care- Look your best

Blood Pressure Testing- Know your number

Massage Therapy- Back and neck heaven

Spa Services- Direct to you

Nutrition- Food as medicine

Yoga- At your desk tips

Stress Reduction- Restore balance

Holistic Health- Whole body approach

Reiki- Natural relaxation

Hot Stone Massage- More heaven

Life Coach- Get organized and accountable

Fitness- Get connected to your dream work out

Essential Oils- Ancient philosophy on health

Hypnosis- Smoking cessation

Meditation- Reframe for happiness

Weight Loss- Lose 2 lbs next week!

Healthy Cooking- Menu for healthy lunches

Men & Women’s Health- At what age to get what screening?

Give Away Choices & Promotions:

  • Pedometers & Advice on the Walk America Program
  • Salad Shaker & Health Eating Tips
  • BMI Tape Measure & Metabolic Health & Prevention Information
  • Water Bottles and Hydration Tips
  • Jump Ropes & Fitness Tips


What else can we have at our employee wellness fair?

  • Signup sheets to gage interest in future Lunch & Learns, Workshops and further education.
  • Cholesterol, Glucose, Blood Pressure, BMI, Weight and Waist Measure and Healthy Weight and Metabolic Health Education.
  • Mini demo’s or education intensives throughout the day. (Heart Health,
  • Stress Reduction, Fitness, Nutrition)
  • Education specific to your insurance claims data.
  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Organic snacks
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Balloons
  • Additional prizes and incentives
  • HRA participation campaign
  • Weight loss kick- off event
  • Healthy Cooking Demo
  • Additional Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone or Shiatsu
  • Flu Shots
  • Other fun stuff that can be developed just for you!


How much does it cost?

  • Wellness Fair: $1500-$3000
  • Biometric Screenings- $20 per person – $350 set up fee (includes one nurse for two hours) additional nursing staff $75 per hour (some states require a four hour minimum)
  • Mini-demo’s $250
  • Skin Cancer Screening $600
  • Organic snacks/Healthy Lunch/Balloons-At cost
  • Healthy Cooking Demo-$350-$500
  • Additional Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone or Shiatsu- $75 per hour per therapist
  • Flu Shots- $25 per person-$350 set up fee (includes one nurse for two hours) additional nursing staff $75 per hour (some states require a four hour minimum)



  • Pick your date and time for your event.
  • Discuss space/location options and secure the room.
  • Provide HWG with a summary of employee benefits so we can invite the appropriate doctors to your event.
  • Choose a theme and a give-away.
  • Choose the providers and groups that you would like to see at your event.
  • Provide HWG with any internal vendors that you would like to invite such as health clubs, yoga at work, health carriers.
  • HWG can provide a save the date promo.
  • Within two weeks HWG can provide you with a promotional memo listing actual participants.
  • One week before, you will receive a security list and a prize winner’s memo.
  • Day of, our coordinator will be there one hour prior to set up the event, greet the participants, bringing table cloths, signs, raffle prizes and give-aways.